Persian gulf region dialogue forum organize for the peaceful life

Daily current Affair January 2019

Persian Gulf Region Dialogue Forum Organize for the peaceful life

By Sandeep Nagyaan · 13 Jan 2019

Persian Gulf Region Dialogue Forum Organize for the peaceful life

Reference:- To address the slow conflict and conference the struggle in region of gulf a diplomatic initiative has start. A new platform for regional peace building proposed by the Iran.

About the regional Dialogue Forum:-

The announcement of the forum is very important because this announcement comes under the gulf cooperation council which has decided between Saudi Arabia and Iran sphere. The new created forum can be focused to built the peace in gulf region. Therefore this Forum try to brings the truly issues which are responsible for the peace and another way try to make a group by the help of regional nations.

Agenda of the Forum:- The main agenda of this initiative is that to connect the people across the International boundaries of related countries but after cutting the boundary.

What would be effectiveness:-This types of forum shall be helpful to dealing and prevent from the terrorism and the other violating problems. Because this two major problems has ruined the condition many gulf region countries.

Conclusion:- The members nations would be help to make trust with each others and obey the all trust building ideas. In these trust building ideas the members nations can be include freedom of navigation, free flow of energy and others resources which makes the stability and security in this areas or region.