Three european powers has come in support to iran trading companies

Daily current Affair January 2019

Three European powers has come in support to Iran trading companies

By Sandeep Nagyaan · 29 Jan 2019

Three European powers has come in support to Iran trading companies

Reference:- After the sanction of Iran three European powers has come un support of Iran trading. These nations are Germany, France and UK; these all nations has announced to setup a supporting plan for Iran to trading after the sanction.

Key facts of the promotive plan of European Powers:-

To increase the trading of Iran Germany, France and UK has been proposed the plan. France and Germany as part of their commitment to save the nuclear deal with Iran. To accept payments from companies that want to trade with Iran it the main objective of this proposed plan. The trading nations will export goods and medicines in case of importing of Petroleum fuels rather than currency. There will be no direct transfer of the funds between European powers and the Iran during the trading. This plan will give the protection to the European companies which are interested to trade with Iran after the US sanction.

What is the USA sanction on Iran:-

The president of America Donald Trump had removed from the Joint comprehensive plan of action (JCPOA) agreement and reimposed the sanctions on Iran. Under this agreement the was agree to reduce the nuclear activities by the sanction of UNO, USA and EU. After the One-way proceedings USA; The Chun, Russia and the Germany, France and UK are resentment. They wants to USA to keep the treaty between USA and Iran same the previous years. The sanction on Iran will stop the trading transaction as dollars exchange.