10 things to do before sit in the preliminary examination day 1

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10 things to do before sit in the preliminary examination day 1

By Sandeep nagyaan · 18 Oct 2018

10 things to do before sit in the preliminary examination day 1

From last 3 days we are discussing about the 10 things avoid before to sit in prelims but from now we will looking that 10 things which will help before to sit in prelims. If you will focused on these things you can do good scoring in the examination.

1 You should shape your preparation in pyramid form:- This is the aim poll of our preparation, it means when we will start the preparation then we should give a show of our preparation. We could keep the books such as base of the pyramid and the practice and facts on top. You can adjust it from yourself which you like but it is very important to adjust your preparation. There are mainly four subject which is very important of your preparation and the maximum part comes from this portion. So make your subject strong these main subject is that Polity, Economy, History and Geography. These subjects will give you a pyramid shape of your preparation.

2 Swot up and revise the important facts before prelims:- Facts are play a important role in your preparation, therefore you should focused on that. I don’t know what is your preparation method but I want to suggest you keep watch on the facts and note it and when you have time you should revise continuously during the preparation. One thing keep in mind only important facts should note and don’t collect lots of fact which are not important for your preparation.

3 Pay out most attention on the preparation of current affairs:- Every questions which comes in prelims directly and indirectly based on the current affairs with linked basic books( Polity, Economy, History and Geography). So when you will start the preparation be focused on the current events very deeply and linked with the basic books topic. If you are capable to note and revise the current affairs during the preparation it will be good but if you are not note it then don’t worry you can purchase a half or yearly magazine to cover your current affairs. But one thing you will keep in mind only important thing will note only.

4 Do not stop reading newspaper and listening news on AIR:- It should be a important part of your preparation because it will help to cover your current affairs portion and develop your analytics power which play an important role during the writing in mains Examination. Tomorrow we will forward your journey into an effective preparation.