10 things to do before sit in the preliminary examination day 2

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10 things to do before sit in the preliminary examination day 2

By Sandeep nagyaan · 19 Oct 2018

10 things to do before sit in the preliminary examination day 2

We have already discussed four steps of this journey today we will move to forward. I hope this journey will help to develop yourself with your study.

5 Try to solve and attempt test series:- This is more one thing to improve your preparation because give the test will help two side of your preparation one is it will understand your weak point of the study it means the hide of the preparation or which you have forgotten and second one is it will help to build self confidence because if your test series is going on correct you will ensure your preparation that is everything has completed. So try to solve test series.

6 Your target for scoring should be near 60 % :- Every year the prelims merit list goes around 55 to 60 percent. So don’t run after the highest marks like 70 to 80 or 90 percent because it’s only preliminary examination. It is don’t matter that if you will bring above 70 percent then it will add your mains Examination. Make your own target to achieve the qualify paper not much and very less but only 55 to 60 or 65 percent only.

7 Keep evaluating status of your preparation periodically:- It is most important thing to evaluate yourself because it will help to know about your exact preparation. Some time aspirants thinks that my preparation is very much or good but they don’t evaluate yourself, but after the exam they will feel that I have missed many things. So you can evaluate yourself during the study periodically. I am sure it will help you very much.

8 Keep your weakness in check:- Many aspirants complete the study but they don’t think about his weakness. So when you will start preparation please check your weak point because if any part of your preparation is keep weak that it will be very harmful to you. The right method to know about your weakness is that give the test series and judge your preparation. Other way you can try to give subject wise test or topic wise series. I know it will demand much time during the test series but it will help to develop your understanding power.