How to manage the preparation and the strategy of civil service examination about reading

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How to manage the preparation and the strategy of Civil Service Examination( About reading)

By Sandeep nagyaan · 13 Oct 2018

How to manage the preparation and the strategy of Civil Service Examination( About reading)

You can achieve the success when you will have a smart study approach and good planning for the preparation of the Civil Service Examination. Now we will talk about the real management and the strategy.

How to start:- Every aspirants should have a straight vision for the preparation with only single goal for the success. The meaning of single goal is that we do not have multiple target to the future regarding jobs. So make your target clear and start with full of joy and energy. Energy is very important because after three days during the preparation one thing comes in mind is that ‘ we should leave'. This negative thinking makes our goal invisible.

Start with full planning:- You should plan your daily routine which you will read in full of day. For this exam demand the hard work with patience. You should not think to read lot of topics in single day, read single to one time two time and many time until the end of understanding.

How to read:- Many aspirants has come many questions that how to read, I want to suggest that start with the NCERT class 6 th to 12 th all basic books except English and mathematics. Every toppers and the many of education consultant will you suggest NCERT books for the preparation. Because it build the base of the high level study, and another way 60 to 70 percent part of the exam papers comes based on the NCERT books concepts. Therefore it is very important. After complete these book if you can prefer reference books to clear all your concepts. How much read: It will depend upon your reading efficiency that how much you can read. You can start 4 to 5 hours in a day and after you can increase your time for the study. After make the study routine it will be easy to spend long time with the books.

What read:- The next question comes in mind is that what read. To clear of your question I have one thing to you, I will suggest you the syllabus of the examination. Syllabus also will you about that what read. Because without understand the syllabus we can not decide that what read or what not read.