Gk and current affairs question answer 18 may 2019

G K. And Current Affairs Quiz

GK and Current Affairs Question & Answer 18 May 2019

By Sandeep Nagyaan · 18 May 2019

GK and Current Affairs Question & Answer 18 May 2019

Q1. The nodal agency of National e-Vidhan Application (NeVA) Project is.

1. Ministry of Home Affairs

2. Ministry of Science & Technology

3. Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs (MoPA)

4. Ministry of External Affairs


Q2. Which of the following is first Digital Legislature of the country?

1. Kerala
2. Assam
3. Maharashtra
4. Himachal Pradesh
Q3. The US researchers innovate new plastic and the name of newly created
recyclable plastic is?

1. PET(Polyethylene Terephthalate)
2. HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene)
3. PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)
4. Poly (Diketoenamine) or PDK
Q4. The highest graphite reserves is found in............. according to Geological
Survey of India (GSI)?

1. Jharkhand
2. Arunachal Pradesh
3. Rajasthan
4. Chhattisgarh
Q5. The giant statue of Ishwar Chandra was recently vandalized in?

1. Kolkata
2. Pune
3. Hugali

4. Nasik
Q6. Which of the following ship has been decommissioned recently by Indian
Coast Guards?

1. ICGS Samarth
2. ICGS Samrat
3. ICGS Vigraha
4. Non
Q7. Who has been awarded by Sasakawa Award 2019 for Disaster Risk

1. Dr. Saloni Gupta
2. Dr. Pramod Kumar
3. Mr Gopalan Nair Shankar
4. All
Q8. Which of the following state celebrate his Statehood day on 16 May?

1. Sikkim
2. Mizoram
3. Nagaland
4. Manipur
Q9. The website of Lokpal Inaugurated by?

1. Pinaki Ghosh
2. Ranjan Gogoi
3. Ramnath Kovind
4. Narendra Modi
Q10. Which of the following has designed Lokpal website?

1. Infosys
2. NIC

3. Google
4. Wipro