Gk and current affairs question answer 23 june 2019

G K. And Current Affairs Quiz

GK and Current Affairs Question & Answer 23 June 2019

By Sandeep Nagyaan · 23 Jun 2019

GK and Current Affairs Question & Answer 23 June 2019

Q1. To conserve and develop the indigenous bovine government has launched ‘Rashtriya Gokul Mission’ under the__________.

1. Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare


3. National Gokul Ministry

4. All


Q2. The Rashtriya Gokul Mission is not being implemented with the objectives

1. Only development of indigenous bovine breed
2. Enhance milk production and productivity
3. Upgrade nondescript cattle
4. All
Answer: 1
Q3. Gokul Grams will be established in the native breeding tracts and_____.

1. Near Grassland
2. Near Towns
3. Near Metropolitan cities
4. Near Water resources
Q4. The National Anti-Profiteering Authority (NAA) has been constituted under
Section 171 of the?

1. Central Goods and Service Tax
2. Rule of RBI
3. Rule of SEBI
4. Rule of Finance department
Q5. Who has recently appointed as representative of India in council of
International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO)?

1. Alok Shekhar

2. Shefali Juneja
3. Shudhir Chandra
4. Non of these
Q6. The headquarter of International Civil Aviation Organisation ( ICAO) is
located at?

1. Ottawa
2. Montreal
3. Toronto
4. Quebec
Q7. The “E-2020 initiative” is related with the following option?

1. Trade and Commerce
2. Global Tourism
3. Global Health
4. Animal Conservation
Q8. The “ E-2020 initiative” was launched in?

1. 2013
2. 2014
3. 2015
4. 2016
Q9. Which of the following government has recently banned felling of trees?

1. Delhi
2. Bihar
3. Maharashtra
4. Andhra Pradesh
Q10. Which of the following has released its 2019 Trafficking in Persons (TIP)

1. US
2. India
3. Russia
4. Chin