Gk and current affairs quiz 12 june 2019

G K. And Current Affairs Quiz

GK and Current Affairs Quiz 12 June 2019

By Sandeep Nagyaan · 12 Jun 2019

GK and Current Affairs Quiz 12 June 2019

Q1. Which of the following has released India’s first Type Approval Certificate (TAC) for Bharat Stage – VI (BS – VI) norms for the two wheeler segment?

1. ISA


3. Both 1 & 2

4. Neither 1 & 2


Q2. What is the major difference in standards between the existing BS-IV and

the new BS-VI?
1. Presence of Carbon
2. Presence of Nitrogen
3. Presence of Sulphur
4. All of above
Q3. Which ministry has amended the Foreigners (Tribunals) Order, 1964?

1. Ministry of External Affairs
2. Ministry of Home Affairs
3. Parliament of India
4. Supreme Court of India
Q4. Which of the following agreement comes under the RTAs rule?

1. Preferential arrangements
2. Free trade agreements
3. Customs unions
4. All of above
Q5. “Cyclone Vayu” is recently effecting of the following places?

1. Mumbai
2. Odisha
3. Tamil Nadu

4. West Bengal
Q6. Which of the following has recently recognised forests as living entities?

1. El Salvador
2. Brazil
3. Cuba
4. Indonesia
Q7. India and............ will cooperate in the setting up of a national maritime
heritage museum.

1. UAE
2. Rome
3. Portuguese
4. Peru
Q8. The National Maritime Heritage Museum will be set up at?

1. Mumbai
2. Goa
3. Thiruvananthapuram
4. Gujrat
Q9. Which of the following country president has gifted Indian Prime Minister
Narendra Modi a Samadhi Buddha statue?

1. Thailand
2. Shri Lanka
3. Myanmar
4. Cambodia
Q10. “ Kheer Bhawani mela” is also related with following Indian state?

1. West Bengal
2. Jammu & Kashmir

3. Himachal Pradesh
4. Arunachal Pradesh