Gk and current affairs quiz 4 june 2019

G K. And Current Affairs Quiz

GK and Current Affairs Quiz 4 June 2019

By Sandeep Nagyaan · 04 Jun 2019

GK and Current Affairs Quiz 4 June 2019

Q1. Which of the following is correct in terms of “ ENDS”?

1. Electronic Nicotine

2. Electric Nebula

3. Electric Naval Ship

4. Non


Q2. Which of the following new ministry has created central government?

1. Vayu Shakti
2. Jal Shakti
3. Thal Shakti
4. Gagan Shakti
Q3. Which of the following is not a part of Jal Shakti ministry?

1. Ministries of Water Resources
2. River Development & Ganga Rejuvenation along
3. Drinking Water and Sanitation
4. Swachh Bharat Mission
Q4. National Defence Fund (NDF) was established by?

1. 1962
2. 1972
3. 1965
4. 1999
Q5. Who is the Chairman of National Defence Fund (NDF)?

1. Prime Minister
2. Home Minister
3. Finance Minister
4. Defence Secretary

Q6. Krushak Assistance for Livelihood and Income augmentation (KALIA) was
launched in following state?

1. Telangana
2. Odisha
3. Andhra Pradesh
4. Karnataka
Q7. “The Order of the Aztec Eagle” award has given to the following president
of India?

1. Pranav Mukherjee
2. A.P.J Abdul Kalam
3. Pratibha Patil
4. Ramnath Kovind
Q8. “The Order of the Aztec Eagle” are the highest civilian award of ?

1. Ireland
2. Spain
3. Hungry
4. Mexico
Q9. Which of the following has become world’s southernmost city?

1. Puerto Williams (Chile)
2. Ushuaia (Argentina)
3. Navarino Island (Chile)
4. Non of above
Q10. The Cotigao Wildlife sanctuary is located at?

1. Maharashtra
2. Goa
3. Andaman-Nicobar
4. Pondicherry