Robert vadra dlf land grab scam


ROBERT VADRA DLF land grab scam

By Sandeep Nagyaan · 02 Sep 2018

ROBERT VADRA DLF land grab scam

The case was filed after a resident of Rathiwas village in Gurgaon file a complaint against ROBERT VADRA who is the brother-in-law of congress president and other filed against former chief minister of HAYANA, Mr. BHUPENDRA SINGH HOODA at Kheri Duala police station in Gurgaon on the basis of 2008 land deal. This complaint filed by SURENDRA SHARMA who introduce himself as a social activist to the news reporters.

What is the background of this case :
This land grab scam is a case related to 50-acre land grab scam come in brightnes in 2013, in Amipur village of Haryana during the Congress HOODA government. In this time Builders coerce farmers to sell their land by getting the government to use the Section 4 of the land law to have a government notification issued to the farmer that their land is required for the "public purpose". Builders try to acquire this land by offering a small premium above the government’s rate for the acquisition of the land. After BJP government came in power of Haryana state in 2015. A commission was formed in 2015 which was “Justice Dhingra commission” to investigate this scam. The Dhinga commission has already submitted his report to the state and now this case in handed of CBI.

What is happening currently in this case :

This case currently under the investigation of CBI ( Central Bureau of Investigation). It will be decide the time that what happen next but this new complaint has been increases problems for VADRA and HOODA.