How to manage the preparation and the strategy of civil service examination 10 things to avoid before prelims

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How to manage the preparation and the strategy of Civil Service Examination “10 things to avoid before prelims”

By Sandeep nagyaan · 16 Oct 2018

How to manage the preparation and the strategy of Civil Service Examination “10 things to avoid before prelims”

We have already discussed about 4 things which avoid before to sit in prelims and toady we are going forward in this journey.

5 Do not be whirl in to solve all questions:- Many candidates wants to solve the all questions in examination hall, it is right but some time it can not be possible to solve all questions. So therefore firstly we should the select the questions which we will attempt. The candidates can be categorize the questions in three parts.

1 Questions that can be solved via tricks.

2 Questions based on the common sense.

3 Questions that demanded the understanding. These all types of questions comes in the exam paper and now it will depend on the preparation of the candidates that how it will solved the questions.

6 Do not show hastiness during the test practice or in examination hall:- It is very common when we enter the examination hall we feels a fear or hastiness but when it will go out from a limit it will be very harmful for us. So don’t hast to see the questions that I can’t solve it because many candidates like you also will be in examination hall. So keep to make internal balance and solve the questions. Don’t think that I will bring 100 out of 100 because it is only qualifying paper. You will need of hastiness when you will give the Mains examination.

7 Arts background aspirants should not waste your energy on preparation of Science:- Many aspirants of arts background wastes his lot of energy on the preparation of Science they think that it is very difficult and important. But I will suggest you to the basic knowledge of Science is Essential for you and it already covers from the 6 th to 10 th class science books. But one thing you should do that keep watching on current news of Science innovations and environmental activities. Because the questions which Mostly comes in examination also attached with current news. So don’t fear about the preparation of Science. It will cover easily. Now we are discussed 7 avoid things and tomorrow we will complete this journey so link with education Satguru and make your preparation very effective. Thank you