Change in relation of india and nepal


Change in relation of India and Nepal

By Sandeep nagyaan · 17 Sep 2018

Change in relation of India and Nepal

Nepal co-ordinating with China. This maneuver of Sagarmatha Friendship II will be held in Chengdu, China between September 17-28. The main purpose of this exercise is to strengthen the anti-terrorism operation, but its a big change in the policy of Nepal against India. In this case India have a big evidence to proof the change policy of Nepal is that"Nepal had decided not to send troops in the battleship of BIMSTEC countries running in Pune. This distance not good for Both country: Nepal is not very satisfied with the efforts of India to secure security cooperation in BIMSTEC. It is being told that Nepal took the Bimastec maneuvers on the last occasion, when the troops from Kathmandu came to India.

Announcement of this BIMSTEC's Maneuversion:- In the BIMSTEC meeting held in Nepal last month, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had only talked about the combined maneuvers of the member countries but Nepal decided to stay out of this maneuvers. Against India the Prime Minister of Nepal KP Oli was gave the priority of China.

Impact on India:- The BIMSTEC member countries started a one-week anti-terrorism exercise in Aundh near Pune without the Nepal Army. The purpose of this exercise is also to increase cooperation in tackling the challenge of terrorism in the region. Now to see this case India need to change some policy for his Neighbors. Before some time Nepal was a close friend of India but now, he is effecting from the emerging power of China. it will be good for the Indian sovereignty, Integrity and Security to establish pure relation between his neighbors to change your own policy.