Emerging a new relationship between russia and china


Emerging a new relationship between Russia and China

By Sandeep nagyaan · 22 Sep 2018

Emerging a new relationship between Russia and China

The changing political equation in the world is doing a lot of things. The only consequence of these changing political equations is that China, which fought with Russia in 1969, is now becoming its partner. Important thing is that China is now buying military equipment from Russia. The US has also banned the Chinese army. But the growing friendship of these two countries has put India in worry. Let us tell you that China is buying SU-30 and S-400 missile systems from Russia. It is important to keep in mind that recently Russia-China, together with Vostok 2018, is now the largest military exercise in the world. There were about 3 lakh soldiers who took part in this, in which 30,200 Chinese soldiers with 30 planes participated. 

Russia and China relation:- Presently China has emerged as an important partner of Russia , he has come very close to China in trade and military cooperation. Not only that, China's investment in Russia is steadily rising. China is buying most oil from Russia. Apart from this, he will also become China's largest source of natural gas in the coming days.

Challenge for India:- India has long been in constant touch with Moscow. Regardless of the intentions of India, Russia's relations with Pakistan are closing and Moscow is changing its tone on Afghanistan's issue. He has now become a strong ally of the dialogue with the Taliban. Next month when the Russian President will be in India, then the issue of growing close relations between China and Russia should be at the top of the agenda of dialogue with them.

Vostok 2018:- By joining China in the Vostok 2018 with the maneuvers, Russia has indicated that it is not seeing him as a threat in the coming years. Now the two can move forward to take a fight with the United States.

What impact of Pakistan:- Russia has long been making a strong backbone of India's security. Russia has been a major contributor to India's defense systems and security mechanisms. But in recent times, relations between India and Russia have declined. One of the reasons for this decline is that Russia's tilt is happening not only on China but also towards Pakistan. In such a situation, India's concern needs to be increased.