Indonesia facing disaster


Indonesia facing disaster

By Sandeep nagyaan · 01 Oct 2018

Indonesia facing disaster

The Indonesia presently facing disaster as first, 7.5 Richter scale earthquake and after now Tsunami. The centre of the earthquake was 10 km below the surface at 56 km from the Dongla. This area most effective from strong tsunami too. Now the death toll in earthquake resulting in various parts of Indonesia has increased to 832 but according to media it can be rise. The Palu city most affected by the disaster. When the tsunami was come the people of the city were busy in the festival. Situation after the disaster:- After the earthquake and tsunami enter the water in buildings of Indonesia and effect 3,50,000 people. Many people still seriously injured and many under the debris of buildings the Disaster Management agency told. The electricity supply and the telecommunication system has been destroy after the disaster.

Why is very harmful for Indonesia:- After the sock of earthquake the country and geographic science agency issue a tsunami warning to the people but this warning was withdraw only before half hour to come the tsunami. This mistake proved very heavy for the government of Indonesia and the people.

Position of Indonesia:- Indonesia is the most natural disasters country in the world. It is also situated on Ring of Fire. Here, incidences of earthquake and volcanic eruption are more due to collision between tectonic plates present in the earth.

What is ring of fire:- The Ring of Fire is a wide area in the basin of Pacific ocean and Volcanic blast found also. A 40000 km horse foot shape it is related with a nearly sustained series of oceanic trenches, volcanic arcs, and volcanic belts and plate actions.

Conclusion:- this disaster so harmful for the Indonesia but some where it is the creation of human to ruin the environment. Because the climate also affect the natural process and the earthquake and tsunami is the process of nature.