International day for disaster reduction 2018 has announced


International Day for Disaster Reduction 2018 has announced

By Sandeep nagyaan · 14 Oct 2018

International Day for Disaster Reduction 2018 has announced

Reference:- The International Day for Disaster Reduction was observed on October 13 th by the announcement of United Nation. And Reducing Disaster Economic Losses’ it was the theme of this international day. This is continue as part of Sendai seven with seven targets of Sendai framework in 2018. This year it focuses on Target C of the Sendai Framework, which is, ‘reducing disaster economic losses in relation to global GDP by 2030.

What is the background of this day:- 1 second Wednesday of October it had designated by the United Nation Assembly in 1989 through a resolution. And now it celebrate international day for natural disasters reduction. 2 After that assembly decide to celebrate it every year on 13 October this decision was taken by the assembly in 21 December 2009 through a resolution. And from October 13 the name changed into international day for disaster reduction. 3 To raise awareness in between the people to know that how people are taking action to reduce their risk of disasters. It is the main objective of this campaign.

What are Sendai Framework:- A conference was organize in Sendai Japan during the third summit of United Nation to reduce the risk from 2015-2030 by as Sendai Framework. This conference was organize on March 2015.

Other facts of this framework:- 1 This consist seven targets and four priority of action. It is biggest development agenda after the 2015. 2 It is promoted by United Nation General Assembly after the third summit of United Nation World to reduce the risk of disaster. 3 It gives the authority to the state to reduce the risk of disaster but it ensure the responsibility should be sharing with government and private sectors.

Conclusion:- This is the effective step of United Nation which given to reduce the risk of disaster because we have a currently example in Indonesia more than 2 thousand people has killed from the earthquake and tsunami.