A boost for uttrakhand


A boost for Uttrakhand

By Sandeep nagyaan · 10 Oct 2018

A boost for Uttrakhand

Reference:- The Investors Summit has finished in uttarakhand but its summit has given a new hope for the development of citizens of uttrakhand and their economy.

What Impact on Uttarakhand:- This successful summit was the result of double engine government to fulfil the all promises when they were bound during the State Legislation Election of Uttrakhand. The previous two days will open new ways for the development and the condition of the people and the economy of the state. If these summit will fulfil all things during the meeting after that it will brings a new for opportunities for the state people.

What was done in this Summit:- 1. 601 MoU has signed during the Summit in various sectors of the industries and other activities. The one positive thing in this Summit is that the total amount which was expected by the state government has cross over the 1 lakh crore Rather than 40 thousand crore only. 2. When they all MoU will be done in future, more then 3.5 lakh jobs will be rise in uttarakhand which are a huge numbers of jobs for the unemployed.

Which sectors comes under the MoUs:-

(1) Energy:- Total 19 MoU has signed with 31543 crore with expected jobs 27419.

(2) Agriculture and related sectors:- 91 MoU has signed of 7654 crore with expected jobs 81864.

(3) Health:- 71 MoU with 18064 crore and jobs will be in this sector 60373.

(4) Information Technology:- 19 MoU with cost 5025 crore and jobs will rise from this sector 27155.

(5) Infrastructure:- 18 MoU with 26909 crore.

(6) Manufacturing:- It is large MoU signed sector total 233 MoU has signed with amount 11626 crore with expected jobs 51764.

(7) Education and skill development:- 9 MoU with 6091 crore.

(8) Tourism and film:- 119 MoU with 14183 crore.

(9) Aayush:- 22 MoU has signed with 3270 crore.

Conclusion:- In all the ways this Summit has completely successful in the vision of the state government. But main exam of government will be done in future when the all sectors will start the production and will offers the jobs for the youth of state and other nearly states.