Assam launch a scheme for pregnant women


Assam Launch a scheme for pregnant women

By Sandeep nagyaan · 06 Oct 2018

Assam Launch a scheme for pregnant women

Reference:- To built good health and to do empower of women Assam launch a wage compensation scheme for pregnant women in Assam those are working in tea gardens. It the first state to launch a schemes in across India.

What is the Aim of this scheme:- The main object or aim of this scheme is that to provide better health with fully nutrition supplements during the pregnancy periods. This scheme will be helpful for tea gardens working women those can not afford facilities from the poor income. So it will be very beneficial for all pregnant women in Assam.

About the scheme:- (1) Total amount Rs 12000 will be given to the women under this scheme. This amount will be provid in step by step manners during pregnancy time. (2) The total amount will be given in 4 easy instalments- Rs 2,000 in the first trimester, Rs 4000 in the second trimester, Rs 3000 for institutional delivery and Rs 3000 for registration of the child’s birth. (3) During third trimester of pregnancy to three months after delivery they will be not engaged in work in tea gardens. The women would be get maternity leave. (4) They will get help for ante-natal care and the first cycle of immunization of the child.

Benefits of the Scheme:- Presently Thousands women works in tea gardens in Assam and other tea production states and there is no any relief for women in pregnancy periods. The maternal mortality in Assam is very high, so after watch this problem government has take the decision for women. More than 60000 women will be benefited from this scheme. Conclusion: This is a big step in the direction of women empowerment because many women forget the care of yourself in this time which are very important for both women and unborn baby. So other states should be make scheme like this.