Citizenship status has issued of gorkhas living in assam


Citizenship status has issued of Gorkhas living in Assam

By Sandeep nagyaan · 12 Oct 2018

Citizenship status has issued of Gorkhas living in Assam

Reference:- A clarification has issued to the Assam government by the Ministry of Home affairs for the citizenship of Gorkhas who are living in Assam by foreigners act 1946.

Issue to against it:- The main issue is that some Gorkha people consign to the foreign tribunal. After that All Assam Gorkha students has sent a resolution to the Union Minister of India Mr. Rajnath singh to solve this major problem.

Stand of the government:- The union ministry has listed the some provisions which create some problems on the path of Gorkhas in case of citizenship. This step has taken under the state government of Assam.

These provisions are followings:-

1 The members of the Gorkha community who were living in India before establishment of the constitution or and those who were born in India or and those who registered for citizenship by the provisions of 1955 or and the terms of section 2 (a) of The Foreigners Act,1946. They will not consign to the foreign tribunal. 2 The Nepalese Gorkha community people who had come in India by the land routes and by the air routes they will not be declared as illegal migrants. If they have identity documents such as Nepalese voter ID card, Nepalese passport, Nepalese citizenship documents and the children who between in age 10-18 years and they have school id cards they will free from illegal migrants category. 3 The children’s who are below the age group of 10 years they don’t need this types of identity proof under the Nepal treaty 1950.

About NRC:- The National Citizenship Registere was adduce for the identified the illegal migrants of Bangladesh in the Assam. It was established in 1951 and now Assam is only single state which have this type of system.