Critical situation of flood in india


Critical situation of flood in India

By Sandeep Nagyaan · 08 Sep 2018

Critical situation of flood in India

Critical situation of flood in India:- Now India is facing flood as a main problem in almost all states of the country. Kerla, Nagaland, Assam, and Uttrakhand are struggling from flood and landslide accidents, and many others districts of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Gujrat, Rajsthan, and South Indian states facing same problem as well.

Cause of flood:-

Heavy rainfall:- It is the primary cause for floods in India. Especially, rainfall in a short span of time is of much concern as they are leading to flash flood. For instance, in June 2013, landslides caused a blockage of flow of streams and rivers in Uttarakhand and caused major floods.

Cloud burst:- Cloud bursts leads to high amount of rainfall within a short time leading to flash floods. Flash flood generally occurs in Himalayan region.

0ver flow of river:-  In the flat terrain rivers have the tendency to meander or change the course within a specific boundary.

Urban land use:- when an area surrounding a river is built on, there is an increase in the amount of tarmac and concrete, which are impermeable surfaces. Drains and sewers take water directly to the river which increases flood risk

Inadequate drainage arrangement:- After introduction of irrigation in some areas, the sub-soil water table rises fast unless adequate arrangement are simultaneously made for both surface and sub-surface drainage. Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh.

What measure has the Indian government taken to prevent flood:- Structural Methods

1. Dam construction.

2. Embankment construction.

3. River/Channel strengthening.

4. Flood attenuation lakes.

Non structural methods:-

1. Floodplain management.

2. Stream corridor protection.

3. Removing flood-prone development.

4.Watershed management.

5. Flood forecasting.

6. Flood response.