Gk and current affairs qa 1 november 2018


GK and Current affairs Q/A 1 November 2018

By Sandeep nagyaan · 01 Nov 2018

GK and Current affairs Q/A 1 November 2018

Reference:- The world biggest statue of Sardar Vallabhai Patel has Inaugurated in Surat. It is known as the statue of unity and it’s basically dedicated to the Iron man Sardar Patel who was the first home minister of independent India. Yesterday on October 31, 2018 we were celebrating the 143 rd birth anniversary of Sardar Patel.

About the statue of Sardar Patel:-

The height of this statue is 183 metre which is 23 metre taller the China’s Spring Temple Buddha statue and almost double the height of the Statue of Liberty (93 metre tall) in US. the Statue of Unity is located between the Satpura and the Vindhya mountain ranges At the Sadhu Bet island, near Rajpipla on the Narmada river. A special purpose vehicle Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Rashtriya Ekta Trust (SVPRET) was setup by the Prime Minister Nrendra Modi in 2011. By the Padma Bhushan-winning sculptor Ram V Sutar the statue of unity was brought and by a Chinese foundry, the Jiangxi Toqine Company (JTQ) the bronze cladding work was done. About Iron Man Sardar Vallabhai Patel:-

To unite the all 562 princely states after the independence and make a republican country this credit is goes to the Sardar Vallabhai Patel. The date for the inauguration of the statue (October 31) also marks the 143rd birth anniversary of Sardar Patel.

Role of Sardar Vallabhai Patel in freedom:-

In the National movement Sardar Patel was play a crucial role he was elected as the Secretary of the Gujarat Sabha, the Gujarat wing of the Indian National Congress in 1917. After this he was led the No Tax Campaign in 1918 where the farmer was not wanted to pay the tax after the Kaira flood. He was also supported of the Non Cooperation Movement which was launched by Mahatma Gandhi. After signed a agreement between Mahatma Gandhi and Lord Irwin. Sardar Patel was freed in 1931.In this time the Irwin was the Viceroy of India. The treaty was popularly known as the Gandhi-Irwin Pact. During this time he was elected the president of Indian National Congress at Karachi Session.

Q1 The Sardar Vallabhai Patel was born in
1. Bombay Presidency
2. Madras Presidency
3. Calcutta Presidency
4. Non of above
Answer: 1
Q2 Which of following movement are not related with Sardar Patel?
1. Kheda
2. Bardoli
3. Borsad
4. Khilafat
Answer: 4
Q3 The Bharat Ratna award was given to Sardar Patel in ?
1. 1990
2. 1991
3. 1995
4. 1993
Answer: 2
Q4 Which of following sessions of Indian National Congress was leading
by Sardar Patel?
1. Karachi
2. Lahore
3. Delhi
4. Calcutta
Answer: 1