Gk and current affairs qa 2 november 2018


GK and Current affairs Q/A 2 November 2018

By Sandeep nagyaan · 02 Nov 2018

GK and Current affairs Q/A 2 November 2018

Reference:- The World Wide Fund for Nature has released the bi-annual Living Planet Report 2018. More than 4000 species of Mammals, birds, reptiles , amphibians and the fishes has tracked for the report.

Key facts of the report:- The global wildlife has fallen down 60% during the period from 1970 to 2014. According to data the condition in tropical region very poor of wildlife because it has decreased 89% in Central America. In the fresh water species this condition has gone to 83%. This causes by the climate change and the pollution. The report says these all type of changes is doing by the human efforts who is teasing from the natural habitat and the food chain of wildlife. The wetlands and the natural resources continue reducing from the 1970 and now they has reduced till 89 percent.

Other threats:- In this report the soil biodiversity and the pollinators are going into danger indicator. In soil biodiversity many microbes are found in soil and after it they would be destroy and the soil fertility will be reach to poor. The report also says that the soil biodiversity of India has gone to critical condition and if it not stop we will pay the big amount of the land changes. These all problems are indicating as the dense agriculture, over grazing, soil erosion, desertification and so on.

What need to do ahead:- For to face these problems the WWF has taken three steps clearly specifying a goal for biodiversity recovery; developing a set of measurable and relevant indicators of progress; and agreeing on a suite of actions that can collectively achieve the goal in the required time frame.

What need to do for everyone:- By the Human activities the climate are changing very fast. And to stop this we are not doing much. We are using the natural resources for use selfishness but not watching the care of nature. Now the report are talking to take care of nature and Natural recourses. Now we are need to learn about the recycle of natural resources.

Q1 The World Wildlife Fund for Nature was established in?
1. 29 April 1961
2. 17 March 1961
3. 29 May 1960
4. 22 June 1961
Answer: 1
Q2 The Headquarter of World Wildlife Fund are situated in?
1. Norway
2. Finland
3. Switzerland
4. Washington DC
Answer: 3
Q3 Which animal are printed in the official logo of World Wildlife Fund?
1. Grizzly bear
2. Panda
3. Polar bear
4. Penguin
Answer: 2
Q4 Who are the president of World Wildlife Fund?
1. Emeka Anyaoku
2. Syed Baber Ali
3. Pavan Sukhdev
4. Ruud Lubbers
Answer: 3