Gk and current affairs qa 20 october 2018



By Sandeep nagyaan · 20 Oct 2018


Reference: Two memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has signed by the Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education with Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan ( KVS) and Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti (NVS).

What are the main points of MoU:-

An agreement were signed to start a programme “Prakriti” with a good aim is that to promote the awareness about the Forests and environmental conditions. And another way to balance the environment and Forest for acquiring skills that reflect care and protection towards forests, environment and society. It will be done by the KVS and NVS students after promote the awareness. The main object behind the agreement to provide a platform for the students to learn the practical skill for the sustainable use of resources. These agreements has signed for 10 years to build sensitivity in Indian youth for the Environmental issues on the National and International level. This campaign or platform will help them to make yourself as responsible citizens. Other object is that to mobilise the youth as a cadre for start a crowd movement which are truly committed for the conservation of environment and Forests. The collaboration will enable transfer of knowledge to students and teachers of NVS and KVS on the Forests, environment and environmental services and the areas of Forestry Research by the lecture of ICFRE scientist.

About the ICFRE:- It is an autonomous council under the Union Environment Ministry. With 9 institutes and 5 centres which are located across the country it is guides, promotes and coordinates forestry research, extension and education at the national level.

About the NVS:- It is an autonomous organization which was established by under the Department of School Education and Literacy in the Ministry of Human Resource Development. The main reason behind the establishment of NVS to provide modern education for the talented students in rural areas.

Conclusion:- To awareness the people for the conservation of environment and Forests has made a main part of our life. And the including of the students in this campaign is very positive because the youth is the real power of the county. And they all could be play a effective role to conservation of environment and Forests.

Q1 The ICFRE was established in?
1. Hazaribag
2. Dehradun
3. Udaipur
4. Mansour

Ans- 2
Q2 The correct date of establishment of ICFRE is
1. 1987
2. 1986
3. 1998
4. 1989

Ans- 1
Q3 Institute of forest biodiversity are situated in ?
1. Shimla
2. Hyderabad
3. Coimbatore
4. Ranchi

Ans- 2
Q4 Where is the Advanced Research Centre for Bamboo and Rattan?
1. Aizawl
2. Chudachand pur
3. Toto
4. Difu

Ans- 1