Gk and current affairs qa 22 october 2018



By Sandeep nagyaan · 22 Oct 2018


Reference:- Recently Prime Minister Nrendra Modi has chaired 6 th meeting of National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) in Delhi. Prime Minister has reviewed the activities of NDMA for the essential management of effective disaster. He also received the all projects which operating by the NDMA. Prime Minister has emphasize to develop the coordination between the various stakeholders and undertake more joint exercises to bring about effective response to save life and property. He has forced to bring the global expertise for the management of disaster.

What are the Significance:- Before some time there are no any structural framework to prevent the disaster but after the establishment of NDMA country has get a new management plan for disaster problems. Last month in Kyrgyzstan India got appreciation due to NDMA work at Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) meeting on Disaster management. It is a big need to prevent form the natural disasters. It’s time to develop the institutional and legal system for the disaster management.

About the NDMA:- In 25 December 2005 the government has come a proposal named Disaster Management Act, and establish National Disaster Management Authority(NDMA) headed by Prime Minister. Another way under the act every states “ State Disaster Management Authority” has established headed by Chief Ministers of the states. To make policies, plans and guidelines for Disaster Management to ensure timely and effective response to disasters by the NDMA is necessary.

Q1 The Disaster Management Act enacted by the Government of India.
1. May 30 2005
2. May 24 2005
3. May 20 2005

4. May 29 2005
Answer: 1
Q2 National Disaster Management Authority comes under the
1. Ministry of rural development
2. Ministry of Home affairs
3. Ministry of Environment
4. Ministry of finance
Answer: 2
Q3 Who is the Agency executive of NDMA?
1. Prime Minister of India
2. Home Minister of India
3. Finance Minister of India
4. Chief of Environment Ministry
Answer: 1
Q4 How any members including in NDMA?
1. 7 with PM
2. 6 with PM
3. 8 with PM
4. 10 with PM
Answer: 3