Gk and current affairs qa 23 october 2018



By Sandeep nagyaan · 23 Oct 2018


Reference:- After change the name of Allahabad into Prayagraj a new demand has started to change the name of states. The government of West Bengal has take step to change the name WB to Bangla. But it can create a problem on international level because the name of Bangladesh and Bangla will be same in understanding. The Ministry of External Affairs has sent a proposal to the Home Ministry on name Bangla. MEA has awarded the Home Ministry that the name of Bangladesh and Bangla is same and on the basis of international relation it will create some problems to understating.

Reason behind the change of name:- The proposal to change the was come first in 2016 by the state government West Bengal parliamentary affairs minister Partha Chatterjee had then argued that the politician and the bureaucrats says that they are asked to speak at the end of every national-level meeting in Delhi. Delhi.This was because the speakers’ lists at such meeting are prepared according to alphabetical order of the states they represent.

How to change the name of any states:- The work of the change of name is done by the constitution because it’s give the rights to change in democratic system. The renaming of a state requires Parliamentary approval under Article 3 and 4 of the Constitution. A renaming bill of the state approval in the parliament to the recommendation of the president. Before to take a step the president send the bill into the related state assembly for expressing their views within a stipulated time. The bill will be sent to the Parliament for deliberation after the expiry period which given by president to state assembly. The bill in order to take the force of a law must be passed by a simple majority. The bill is sent for approval to the President. After the approval of the said bill, the bill becomes a law. After done the all procedure the name of related states can be change.

 Way forward:- The all activities will be complete by the amendment of constitution. This proposal comes in Schedule 1 of the constitution.

Q1 Which article of the constitution give the permission to change the
name of any states?
1. Article 1
2. Article 2
3. Article 4
4. Article 3
Answer: 4
Q2 Which junction name has changed recently?
1. Mugalsarai junction
2. Viluppuram Junction.
3. Vijayawada Junction.
4. Tiruchirappalli Junction
Answer: 1
Q3 The 100 amendment of the constitution related with
1. Land acquisition
2. Increase the area of any states
3. Differentiate of the state boundaries
4. Change in name
Answer: 1
Q4 Which of following State has established in 1987?
1. Manipur
2. Himachal Pradesh
3. Goa
4. Sikkim
Answer: 3