Gk and current affairs qa 28 october 2018


Gk and current affairs Q/A 28 October 2018

By Sandeep nagyaan · 28 Oct 2018

Gk and current affairs Q/A 28 October 2018

Reference:- Once again the citizenship amendment bill has in headlines. The Assam Government has refused the rally which organised in support of bill bye the West Bengal.

What is the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016:- First time the citizenship amendment bill was proposed in Lok Sabha in 19 July 1955. But if the bill passed in parliament many illegal migrants will be come in eligibility line of citizenship of India. These illegal migrants will be certain minority communities coming from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. After this the Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Parsi or Christian religious communities from Afghanistan, Bangladesh or Pakistan which come in illegal migrants will not be deported. Under the Citizenship Act (1955) these people will be eligible for the citizenship in period only six years rather than eleven years. The registration of Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) cardholders may get cancelled if they violate any law.

What is the Citizenship Act 1995:- Under the article 9 of the Indian constitution a person can be get the citizenship of the India by various steps. In India, the Citizenship Act, 1995 prescribes five ways of acquiring citizenship: Birth, Descent, Registration, Naturalization, Incorporation of the territory.

Who is illegal migrants in India:- In India there are a definition of the illegal migrants a person who enters India without a valid passport or stays in the country after the expiry of the visa permit. After that he/she will be illegal migrants. Other way who uses false documents for the citizenship will be illegal migrants.

Conclusion:- This is new problem after the Assam case The National Register of Citizens (NRC) is a list that contains names of Indian citizens of Assam.It was last prepared after Census in 1951.Assam, which had faced an influx of people from Bangladesh since the early 20th century, is the only state having an NRC.

Q1 The NRC of Assam are based on the census is that ?
1. 1951
2. 1961
3. 2011
4. 1971
Answer: 1
Q2 How many states of India comes under the NRC ?
1. 29
2. 7
3. 1
4. 8
Answer: 3
Q3 How many ways of acquiring citizenship of India?
1. 6
2. 5
3. 7
4. 8
Answer: 2
Q4 The NRC case has come under the ministry ?
1. Ministry of Home Affairs
2. Ministry of Foreign
3. Ministry of Rural development
4. Non of above
Answer: 1