Gk and current affairs qa 31 october 2018


GK and Current affairs Q/A 31 October 2018

By Sandeep nagyaan · 31 Oct 2018

GK and Current affairs Q/A 31 October 2018

Reference:- On a positive pattern of Indian government a first mega food park has Inaugurated in Surat of Gujrat. It the result of to increase the income of the farmer’s. The M/s Gujarat Agro Infrastructure Mega Food Park Pvt.Ltd is the promoter of the food parks and the park is located in Village Shah and Vasravi, Taluka Mangrol, District Surat. Directly and indirectly total 5000 employment and 25000 farmers will be benefited by this food park.

About the food parks:- The implementing Mega Food Park Scheme in the country leading by the Ministry of Food Processing Industries. To providing a mechanism to link agricultural production to the market by bringing together farmers, processors and retailers so as to ensure maximizing value addition, minimizing wastages, increasing farmers’ income and creating employment opportunities particularly in rural sector it is the aim of food Parks. These types of food processing unites will give the boost for the food processing sector to reducing food wastage at each stage of the supply chain with particular focus on perishables. Total Rs 50 crore and the 50 acre land is required for setting up a mega food park with only 50% contribution to the total project cost.

The pattern of operate:- The Scheme has a cluster based approach based on a hub and spokes model. In this scheme to development of infrastructure, primary food processing centres (PPCs) and Collection Centre (CCs) are including. The PPCs will be functioning as a link between producers and processors for supply of raw material to the Central Processing Centres. This scheme is demand-driven and will be provide facilities food processing units to meet environmental, safety and social standards.

Conclusion:- This taken step by the government will play a crucial role to the vision of central government to increase the income of our farmers. If we want to increase the income and provide the jobs for others so we can take the help to develop a micro food processing units which would be very helpful for increase the income and develop the life.

Q1 The food processing sector comes under the ministry of
1. Food processing
2. Rural development
3. Urban affairs
4. Non of above
Answer: 1
Q2 How many mega food parks are expected by the government?
1. 40
2. 42
3. 38
4. 48
Answer: 2
Q3 How much grant provide by government for each mega food park to
a consortium of companies?
1. 50 Crore
2. 45 Crore
3. 48 Crore
4. 55 Crore
Answer: 1
Q4 Which of following Mega food park are related with Gujrat?
1. Godavari Mega Aqua Park Pvt. Ltd.
2. Integrated Food Park Pvt. Ltd.
3. Fanidhar Mega Food Park Pvt.
4. International Mega Food Park Ltd.
Answer: 3