Karnataka good samaritan bill


Karnataka Good Samaritan Bill

By Sandeep nagyaan · 04 Oct 2018

Karnataka Good Samaritan Bill

Reference:- The president of India has given a asset of the medical professionals (protection and regulations during emergency situation) Bill 2016.

What is the about Bill:-(1) The aim of the legislation to protect the victim during in serious time of the accident and give the medical facilities. And other way encourage the people to give the effected person who injured from the accident. The main object to encourage the people is that because many people they want to help the injured person but they do not help. Because fear of police station and investigation of the case. (2) Government will give the help of good Samaritan by this law. From the all works of police stations and court cases. Under this law government will provide financial support of the Samaritan who help the accident victim. (3) The good Samaritan can leave immediately after admitted the accident victim in hospital and the management and the police will not pressurize the Samaritan to stay in hospitals. (4) All hospitals such as government and private hospitals will bound to give the first aid of the injured person or victim.

What are the benefits of this law:- (1) To give the protection of the Samaritan by the legislation, Karnataka is the first state in across India. This the big step to control the accidental death in India. According to a report more than 1.5 lakh people has been died in 2016 in road accident. (2) After making this law many people who want to help the accident victim will be feel free from the police and court case and they would be inspiration of many people. (3) The first hour after the accident are very important which can the decide life and dead of the victim. If during in this period victim get the first aid he/ her will be get new life after admitted in hospital.

Why need for this:- Approximately 5 lakh accidents were at India in 2016 and in these accidents more than 1.5 lakh people were killed. The major cause were not availability of first aid. Because people fears of the police case so they do not help the victims.

Conclusion:- This beginning has been play a wide role in the country but if we will not aware from the law we can do nothing for helpless victim.