National environmental survey nes will be launce in january 2019


National Environmental Survey( NES) will be launce in January 2019

By Sandeep nagyaan · 12 Oct 2018

National Environmental Survey( NES) will be launce in January 2019

Reference:- In January 2019, the first National Environmental Survey NES Will be launch with 24 states 3 territories and 55 districts of the Country.

What are the NES :- On the basis of environmental performance the rank of the districts will be given by National Environmental Survey. This rank will be decide through best green environmental parameters.

How it will be done:- By the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (MoEFCC) and with the help of Environmental Information System it will be carried out in various parts of the Country. To use 9×9km measuring grading parameters to collect the data it will be done.

What would the parameters:- Some parameters will be use for prepare this report, these parameters are like: soil quality, hazardous, air, water, emission inventory, e-waste, forest, wildlife, wetlands, rivers, lakes and other water bodies. The carbon sequestration potential of county districts it will access completely.

What would the Benefits of the survey:- It will be play a important role after launching other it will provide a strategic plan to the policies developers by the help of Green data survey. It will provide evaluation of ecosystem in field of research. In starting it will cover only 55 districts of the Country and after to see the success of the result it will spread across the nation. Conclusion:- To complete this survey large amount of the manpower will be need. It will create some jobs for the youth but the requirements of the manpower should be skilled and trained.