Parliament decide what to do for criminal elected members


Parliament decide what to do for criminal elected members

By Sandeep nagyaan · 26 Sep 2018

Parliament decide what to do for criminal elected members

The Supreme Court on Tuesday has left the right to decide on tainted leaders on parliament. The court refused to ban the election to criminal cases. A guideline has been release. A constitution bench of CJI Dipak Mishra and justice A M Khanwilkar, DY Chandrachud and Indu Malhota declared this statement for Parliament to implement the laws of all political parties.

CONTEXT:- The political parties have promoted their criminal records at least three times through print electronic media after the nomination of or their candidates. The bench rejected the other suggestion by the petitioners that the election commission be directed not to allot party symbols to candidates who have criminal cases pending. Court said it could not remain oblivious to the issue of criminalisation of politics and came out with a series of guidelines for candidates and parties which it will help citizens make a more informed choice.

WHAT IS THE PROVISION OF THE COURT ORDER:- (1) Candidates must fill up forms provided by the Election Commission and state therein in bold letters, details of criminal cases pending against them. (2) A candidates contesting on the ticket of a party must inform the party about the criminal cases and the party, in turn, must put this up on its official website. (3) The candidates and the party must then give this publicity by publishing it in widely- circulated newspapers in the area in the election media. This must be done at least three times after the nomination is filled.

OTHER HIGHLIGHTES OF SC:- (1) Corruption Become a national economic terror and this strike at the root of democratic form of government. (2) In order to infuse culture of purity in politics, authorities must follow the law and directions of this court. (3) Society has a right to be governed by better people and they should be kept at law.

CONCLUSION:- This a big step to take by the SC, but it will then fulfill when the all political parties will support this decision and stop the Criminalization of politics. SOURCES:- (Indian ex. Dainik jagran and ht)