Reduction of troops in the army


Reduction of troops in the army

By Sandeep nagyaan · 10 Oct 2018

Reduction of troops in the army

Context:- For implement the internal structure of Indian Army, a six days army chief conference has organize on Tuesday at Delhi.

Participation:- With Chief Commander of Army Bipin Rawat and the chief commanders of Navy and airforce has participated in this conference.

What are the issue:- This conference basically organize to implement in army structure especially to reduce the numbers of soldiers in Land army. The Army chief said in case of the reduction is that the maximum use of Army budget. This step has taken therefore because maximum army budget has spent only the salaries and others pensions and the fare budget not remains to purchase the weapons and other defence things.

What would be done in future:- (1) 12.6 lakh soldiers army will reduce shortly. Next two years 50000 soldiers will remove from the army and till 2022-23 more than 1 lakh soldiers will remove from army. (2) After complete this process the remain budget will increase from 17 percent to 35 percent which would help to make the army advance. (3) The 35 percent remain budget will help to purchase modern weapon and others defence necessary things.

Budget structure of Army:- Indian Army is in the biggest army list in the world, but the budget of the army is very poor comparison other top armies. We have more than 12.6 lakh soldiers in the army and to complete the all basic need the a huge budget required. The 50 percent budget spend only Land army and other 50 percent spend on two other armies groups such as air force and navy. This remain budget not sufficient for the groups of Army. Therefore this decision has taken to reduce the numbers of soldiers.

Impact on Soldiers:- The first question is that what would the process to remove the soldiers. And will the soldiers ready to leave of his service?.

Conclusion:- This decision can be beneficial for to implement the army but the chief commanders and the ministry of defence will understand the Interests of soldiers and their future.