River basin management bill 2018 can be launch in winter parliament session


“River Basin Management Bill 2018” can be launch in Winter parliament Session

By Sandeep nagyaan · 14 Oct 2018

“River Basin Management Bill 2018” can be launch in Winter parliament Session

Context:- The central government to establish a stable relationship between two states in case of water sharing of river can be pass a bill in winter parliament Session. In this session the parliament can be established a River Basin Authority . The draft of the River Basin Authority has prepared by the Water Resources, River Development and the Ganga Protection Ministry of India.

About the River Basin Authority:- The main purpose of the authority make a good relationship and solve the inter states problems of river water sharing. 2 This authority will be come under the River Basin Management Bill 2018 which can be pass by the next parliament Session. And after it many river basins will be developed without any objections by related states.

List of river basins:- There are some river basins which would come under the authority.

1. Ganga Basin.

2. Godavari Basin.

3. Brahmaputr and Barak Basin and other Eastern rivers.

4. Barhamni Vaitarani Basin.

5. Kaveri Basin.

6. Sindhu Basin.

7. Krishna Basin.

8. Mahandi Basin.

9. Maahi Basin.

10. Narmada Basin

11. Suvarn rekha Basin.

12. Pennar Basin.

13. Tapi Basin.

 Background:- In 2008 the second administration reform commission was recommended to establish a River Basin Organization under his report. And to remove the act of river board act 1956 which have already very old.

Way forward:- This authority will play a good role in case the water sharing problems between many states and another benefits it will make a path of water management for the country. Conclusion:- It is effective step which taken by the government but now it has publish for the public to know the demand and reforms suggestions I’m this bill. But if the government make the good policies for this authority it will bring positive response for the future.