Russian president india visit


Russian President India Visit

By Sandeep nagyaan · 05 Oct 2018

Russian President India Visit

The Russian President has reached in Delhi last day. It will be very important visit for both countries. The importance of two days bilateral summit is that because this summit could be depend on the defence deals only. Here is a hope in this summit in case of to implement the relationship between both nations.

Impacts On America:- One side this incredible for Indian point of view but another side it can be a lose of America. Because from some time America increase the relationship with India. The main reason behind this favour of America is that, China, Pakistan and Russia has created a strong relation with each other which are against the hegemony of America.

What would the impact of India and America relationship:- This summit can be change the environment of India and America relationship because in this visit many defence agreements will be done. And most important agreement S- 400 Anti- Missile defence system can be done. Therefore America is uncomfortable for deal of S-400.

What is the S-400 System:- The S-400 is an Anti- Missile defence system developed by Russia. This system can be engaged with all types of aircraft, ballistic missiles, and the launcher vehicles with range 400km and with 30km altitude. It is approximately equal from the American special anti Missile defence system THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defence system) Conclusion:- Russia is a very faithfully friend of India from the second world war, and Russia has been come with help in every movement of India but from some time India going to the side of America. In case of democracy the one side is not beneficial for any county, it will then beneficial when both side is equal in relationship.