Smart fence project


Smart fence project

By Sandeep nagyaan · 18 Sep 2018

Smart fence project

To stop the terrorist activity India make a anti-terrorist wall. last day on Monday 17 September, Home Minister Rajnath Singh launch this project. To curb this, the central government has taken stringent measures. Smart fencing has been prepared in the 5.5 km area of ​​the international border in Jammu. This will be the first hi-tech surveillance system of its kind, which will serve as an invisible electronic wall at land, water, air and ground level, which will help the border security forces (BSF) to stop infiltration in the most inaccessible areas. Smart fencing will extend to 2400 km of Pakistan- Bangladesh.

How would it work:- Smart Fence has many tools for vigilance, monitoring, communication and data storage. In this, very special and hitech devices such as thermal imager, underground sensor, fiber optical sensor, radar and sonar are installed at different places in smart fence.

Features:- (1) Under Comprehensive Integrated Border Management System (CIBMS), there are state-of-the-art surveillance technology. (2) Thermal imagers, infrared and laser based intrusive alarms, which will work as an invisible ground wall. (3) Ground sensors, sonar systems with water sensors. (4) Optical fiber sensors on the ground to help detect intrusions through aerostat, tunnels for aerial surveillance.

Main purpose of it:- With help of this project Indian border will not be possible by digging a failed tunnel. Tunnel, radar and sonar systems will be able to secure the banks of the river along the border.

Conclusion:- With this help, there will be an invisible electronic barrier in land, water and air, which will help the Border Security Force (BSF) identify the infiltrators and prevent infiltration of difficult terrains.