The fourth industrial revolution has announced and the centre will be india


The Fourth Industrial Revolution has announced and the Centre will be India

By Sandeep nagyaan · 15 Oct 2018

The Fourth Industrial Revolution has announced and the Centre will be India

Reference:- The World Economic Forum has partnered with the Government of India to build a related center in Mumbai. The Prime Minister Nrendra Modi on Thursday has Inaugurated “ Centre of Industrial Revolution” it is the fourth biggest world centre. Before it three centre has already established in Tokyo, Beijing, and San Francisco.

What is Fourth Industrial Revolution:- The fourth Industrial Revolution has been launched with the use of many digital technologies manufacturing aspects. Now it is calling as 4.0 industry. In this revolution many sector are including such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics and automation. There are different types of sectors and technologies are including rather than previous list such as 3D printing, mobile internet, drone, bio technology, nano technology, cloud computing and new sources of energy.

Probability for India in 4.0 revolution:- There are many probability for India by the revolution. Many sectors will open to offer new opportunities.

1 Artificial intelligence can be use to reduce poverty, to increase the income of farmers and to develop the conditions of handicaps. It will improve the health and will implement the health sector.

2 This system can be use to increase the productivity and reduce the harm of the crops. Because every year a wide area of crops destroy by the disease.

3 It will to develop the air craft technology like drones and battle aircrafts which are game changer.

4 It will not only change the technologies but will change the life style individually. Everything will be easy to get, we will do most of our daily works very fast compared that now such as ticket booking, sell and purchase the products, transportation and food security will be easy by this.

Conclusion:- Currently it see a very effective dream but it will change into a bad future if we are not aware it’s harms and beneficial angle. Many experts are telling that it will be proof very hazardous for the labour sector, many people will lose his works by the technologies. So before to enter in new world we should not forget the rights of poor people of the world.