The government has launch a youth road safety learners licence programme


The government has launch a Youth road safety learners licence programme

By Sandeep nagyaan · 17 Oct 2018

The government has launch a Youth road safety learners licence programme

Reference:- A youth road safety learner license programme has launch by the government of India.

About this programme:- It is Diageo India and the Institute of Road Traffic Education (IRTE) with collaborate Public Private Partnership (ppp) initiative programme. And it will bring the normal and structural training programme for Indian youth. It will be very beneficial for those who apply first time learner license. In this all aspects including about the safe driving. defensive driving, harmful effects of driving under the influence of alcohol, speeding and wearing of helmets spread over two days. In first year it will cover 20 universities with 400 programmes across India.

Background:- Total 1.45 lakh people dies in road accidents every year which is 12.5 % of total road accidents in the world. And the maximum effected person involved in road accidents between 15- 44 years. The main reason behind it to high speed riding, reckless and the dunk. The road accidents has increased. The big factor to increase the death during the driving is that drunk, and the absence of the helmets by the riders.

Significance of the programme:-

It is a step to taken by the central government to aware the people about the road accidents which continuously increase and many youth are effecting from it. The object of the government to bring the reduction of 50 percent road accidents till 2020. It will help to the people about road safety awareness based only youth generation.

Conclusion:- Youth is the main power of every nation, if they will die in teen or youth age so it will be big lost of the government and the society because they are the active and productive parts of the every nations.