Use of wealth in election


Use of wealth in election

By Sandeep nagyaan · 16 Sep 2018

Use of wealth in election

On Saturday 15 september Chief Election Commissioner OP Rawat has said that existing laws are not effective in preventing the use of black money in elections. He has also said that like Cambridge Anilika, the danger of data theft and fake news remains on the election process. He suggest some steps to stop the large use of wealth in elections.


(1) Transparency of funds:- Misuse of funds is a major concern for elections with include government funding. but the main suitable to deal with this problem.

(2) Effective control over wealth:- Commission said effective control of wealth is required. As long as wealth will remain in the electoral arena, Government funding initiatives will not be able to fulfill its purpose.

(3) Danger role of being influenced by fake news:- Data theft and fake news (Fake News) are the major threats of today and tomorrow due to misuse of technology to influence election process in other democratic countries including India.

What need to take step against it:- (1) It should given serious attention to the government along with all the parties. (2) Increase the self interest in donation of political parties through electoral bonds. (3) Do not ignore the efforts of the Election Commission to make the election process clean and fair, by all political parties.