Uttrakhand investors summit 2018


Uttrakhand Investors Summit 2018

By Sandeep nagyaan · 07 Oct 2018

Uttrakhand Investors Summit 2018

Context:- Today this day is very important because first time uttrakhand organising Investors Summit 2018. Prime Minister Nrendra Modi will Inaugurated this Summit.

About This Summit:- It is golden in the 18 years history of uttrakhand because it is first largely summit in case of investment in state. Many famous industrial family participating in this 2 days investment festival. It can be a boost for state economy to improve an make self dependent. Other ways many businessman are coming here to search the opportunities to grow their leadership and to establish the future agenda of the states.

What is theme of this Summit: “ Destination Uttarakhand Blossoming Opportunities’’.

. Programs of the Summit:- There are mainly 10 policies to improve the condition of the state Which could be paly a important role to establish good life for state and their citizens. 1. Large industries invest and Employment promotion policy 2018 2. Electric Vehicles policy 2018 3. Aroma Policy 2018 4. Tourism policy 2018 5. Information Technology policy 2018 6. Electricity production by pirul biomass policy 2018 7. Medicines Policy 2018 8. Biotechnology Policy 2018 9. Modified solar energy policy 2018 10. Right of way policy 2018

Aim of the Summit:- To create jobs and sustainable development of the state and their citizens are the main object or aim of this festival.

Benefits:- This is a big step to develop the condition of state and their people. There can be some benefits of the state. 1. After the investment it will become a hub for employment. 2. Hills migration could be stop because many people of the state has leave their place for the shortage of the employment. 3. It will help to attract the Tourist to visit in Uttrakhand. 4. Many other linkage jobs will grow up like tourist guide, village huts, and other native informers. 5. Help to generate solar energy plant. 6. I will help to grow fragrance companies because uttrakhand is a rich state in forest diversity.

Conclusion:- There could be a plan to make the future of upcoming generation of the state and to save the sources of Himalaya.