Violation of farmers


Violation of Farmers

By Sandeep nagyaan · 03 Oct 2018

Violation of Farmers

Uttar Pradesh is facing a new challenge from the farmers of the state during the 150 golden birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. All farmers wanted to reach the Kisan Ghat in Delhi but the arms forces has been stop their path on Gaziabad border before to enter in Delhi. Many farmers has been injured in this violation by the forces activities, Police and Para-military forces use the sticks, tear gas, rubber bullets and water cannen to stop the violation of the farmers. But after it there was a prevalent discussion about the demands of the farmers between the representatives of the farmer union and the Home Minister Rajnath Singh. And another way the conversation between Uttar Pradesh chief Minister Yogi Adiya Nath and the representative of farmers group Naresh Tiket has been failed.

Why are farmers doing this:- There are some demand of the farmers, which are the main cause of this violation: (1) The report should be implemented of Swaminathan commission. (2) The minimum support price (MSP) should be determined by adding 50% of the cost. (3) The farmers should be free from the Bank debt. (4) The rate of electricity should be reduce. (5) Demand that the rate of diesel should reduce. (6) The agriculture instruments should be free from the GST. (7) The ban from the ten year tractors should be lifted. (8) The payment of Fasal Bima Yojna within 15 days. (9) The purchasing of crops should be guarantee. (10) Workers should be given jobs under MANREGA. (11) 60+ elder farmers should be the pension. (12) Suicide farmers should be get home and job.

Conclusion:- The violation is the part of democracy, but the violation should be Non violate and without harmful for the other people who are not participated in the violation.