Artificial intelligence will change the condition of jobs

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Artificial Intelligence will change the condition of jobs

By Sandeep nagyaan · 24 Sep 2018

Artificial Intelligence will change the condition of jobs

Experts and researchers from around the world continue to report on how jobs will be made in the coming times. In a report, it is said that due to artificial intelligence and automation, millions of jobs will go. No report says that new employment opportunities will open. Now the World Economic Forum has prepared a report based on facts, bypassing speculations. This report, called The Future of Jobs 2018, is presenting an assessment of the changing pattern of jobs in the fourth industrial revolution in view of the changes in the field of technology.

Myth about Artificial Intelligence :- There are two perceptions about Artificial Intelligence, none of them is right. It is estimated that by 2025, the work done by the machines will increase from 29 percent to 50 percent, but in addition to this new areas of employment will also be opened in which more people will get a job. While it is not clear what type of jobs will open, how long will these jobs be, and what type of training will be required for them.

Impact:- The development of technology such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) that has created fear among the world that the robot's occupation is not possible on the employment of humans.  The United Nations (UN) expert, Eckhard Erst, Ai will change the nature of employment but large-scale unemployment situation will not be created.  The man will be above all these machines in the manufacturing sector and especially in developed countries Ai will not have much impact. These will affect service areas such as construction, healthcare and business.

What would the nature of work:- There will be new types of work in front of the staff of these areas, which will be computer and robots to help them. Humans will be able to work on refining interpersonal relationships, social work and emotional qualities. Agriculture sector will be the biggest beneficiary in developing countries.