Isro launch pslv 42 with british satellite

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ISRO launch PSLV-42 with British Satellite

By Sandeep nagyaan · 17 Sep 2018

ISRO launch PSLV-42 with British Satellite

British satellites ('NOAA SAR' and 'S1-4') were released on Sunday by ISRO. ISRO sent them to space from their Career Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV-42) from Satish Dhawan Space Center located in Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh. ISRO has sent 237 satellites of 29 countries in space. In this mission two satellite 'Nova SAR' and 'S1-4' have to be installed in space. Their combined weight is more than 800 kg.

How it launched:- On Sunday night at 10.08, the four-stage satellite was released from Sriharikota. The first stage separated after two minutes and the fourth stage was separated after 17 minutes of flight. it was separated and installed in the class 583 kilometers away. The total weight of these two satellites of Surrey Satellite Technology Limited in UK is 889 kg. These were sent by ISRO's Executive Wing Entrepreneurs Corporation Limited.

What is PSLV C-42 and (NOVA SR & S1-4):- The 'Nova SAR' weighing 445 kilograms is an S-band synthetic spare radar satellite, which will serve as the monitoring of mapping, flooding and disaster of forests. While the 444 kg weight 'S1-4' is a high-resolution optical mean observation satellite, which will serve as source surveys, environmental monitoring, urban monitoring and disaster monitoring.

Benefits for India:- With this success, India joined the category of countries with its own technology and ability to set up or send foreign satellites in space. The market of satellite launch has increased rapidly. After this flight of ISRO, India has now joined the round of becoming a major player in the game.

Conclusion:- India's share is much lower than expected in the international satellite launch market. But India is progressing gradually and in the right direction in this direction.