The smog project

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The Smog Project

By Sandeep nagyaan · 30 Sep 2018

The Smog Project

Winter season has come and it is a challenge for smart city specially for Delhi. Last year Delhi was face a big problem of SMOG in winter season which was a painful for Delhi and nearest people of the capital. Now before to face this problem again a new innovation has been innovate like China.

What is Smog:- Smog is a kind of pollution. It is a mixture of smoke and fog in air.

What is new Project:- A construction company Genera Space based Dubai has proposed plan to clear the air of the Indian capital Delhi. It is one of the most polluted cities in the world. The project named 'Smog Project' has been selected under the World Architecture Festival 2018's Experimental Future Project category. There will be establish many 328 feet high towers in the whole part of city, every single tower will generate 35 million cubic feet of clean air every day. The best thing of this project is that this tower will operate from solar hydrogen cell. Initially it is planned to set up in Delhi and later the rest of the city will also be covered. Inspiration from:- A 'Smug Free Tower' in 23 feet length was establish in Beijing in 2016. It has the capability to purifying 25 million cubic feet polluted air each day. Other in the capital of Germany in Berlin preparing a City Tree. This can absorb 275 trees equal pollution.

Big Harmful problem for Delhi:- Every year in Delhi there is fatality of air pollution. Last year the quality of air was very poor and there was very difficult to breath in openly. Most of the Indian cities are facing same problem but in winter season it will change into very critical.

Smog project:- under this project some tower will be establish in pattern of Delhi and the length will be 328 feet and each tower will produce 35.3 million cubic feet clean air in 100 hectare area. Every tower operated by solar hydrogen cell which will on the top of bridge. It will not only use to absorb the pollutant but it will help to captured the carbon pat in air.

Conclusion:- this project can be play a big role to purifying the air of Delhi and after that entire country, but before to start this project government will need to make funding system to complete the project. It will can be take the two or Three years.